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1. Started in 1968 – this brand was launched to counter the popularity of the Matchbox model of the British company Lesney. IdentifyHOT WHEELS
2. Started in 1939 as Timely and later known as Atlas, this company had titles by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and others. IdentifyMARVEL COMICS
3. This IIT IIM alumni when asked about his titles replied "I'm a banker, I can't get numbers out of my head. IdentifyCHETAN BHAGAT ( The Indian Oil team pressed the buzzer on the third word – IIM and gave the correct answer )
4. Created by Atul Sudhakar Rao Pande , it was inspired by the human phalanges and the central star of the solar system. IdentifyAADHAAR LOGO
5. What do we know Topeka for a day ? AnswerGOOGLE RENAMED ITSELF AS TOPEKA ON APRIL 1st 2010
6. Which of these countries first used Playing Cards as currency – India, USA or Canada ? AnswerCANADA
7. How many defects according to Quality Guru Phil Crosby are allowed in Quality Improvement Process? AnswerZERO
If Android is related to Google, then Droid is related to which brand ? AnswerMOTOROLA


Round 1- Search For Excellence

1. Carl Barks published this first in 1947. The main theme of the book which was sort of a “financial fable” was what happens in a society where everyone becomes a millionaire. This is used to teach finance. Identify the protagonist / characterSCROOGE
2. Popularized at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair in Forest Park, Ernest Hamwi , a Syrian pastry maker, was selling zalabia, a crisp pastry cooked in a hot waffle-patterned press came to the aid of a neighboring ice cream vendor, who had run out of dishes. What resulted thus ? Answer – ICE CREAM CONE
3. Paul Volcker of Barack Obama’s team criticized this saying it lead to taxpayer losses and that the future is in danger. AnswerTROUBLED ASSETS RELIEF PROGRAMME ( TARP )
A fiery red silk representation of the royal banner of medieval France which was traditionally unfurled only on the battlefield and accompanied by the war cry Montjoie Saint Denis. The first letter is modified to give it a royal aura. Identify the brandORIFLAME
The secret flavour of 11 herbs and spices is a guarded entity. Only two executives of a company know where this secret is stored. Another two have access to it. Only a handful of people know who the earlier mentioned people are. They are never allowed to travel together. Which secret is so well kept for more than 68 years ? AnswerKENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN ( KFC ) RECIPE
Baburao Painter's Maharashtra Film Company, based in Kolhapur, had made a name for itself with its silent films in early 1920s. In 1920, the head of operations resigned from the company and Pendharkar's cousin Shantaram Vanakudre joined the company and became Baburao Painter's right-hand man. They started which famous company whose name means “beginning” or “dawn” in Hindi. Answer PRABHAT STUDIOS

Round 2- Vision for Excellence

1. Identify creation / controversial ad featuring ex – PMs ( logo was blacked out ).


What started here - ( the sandwich shop visual ) ?


Visual of John Moschitta Jr, famous speed talker shown and Guiness record holder shown. Which brand used him in their commerical to emphasize their brand promise / USP ?


Identify this newsmaker in corporate history ( name blacked out from the book visual ).


5. Identify brand from this visual ( brand blacked out ).


6. Visual of Law Enforcement bikes ( logo blacked out ). This company has a totally different division and they are the largest manufacturers in this field.


Round 3 – TATA WORLD

1. Designed by Pininfarina, this is a product from Tata Motors - PRIMA SEDAN CAR
2. This Tata company bought ailing cable company INCAB in December 2009 – TATA STEEL
3. Identify this product from Tata Tele Services Ltd a product that enables customers to connect to the internet on their television set – DIALOG
Acronym for Project RUBY – associated with this Tata brand which assists children at Nutan Vidyalaya under the aegis of this project – RALLIS ( RALLIS UJJWAL BHAVISHYA YOJNA )

Round 4 – Mapping Excellence

1. Connect - Shahid Kapoor movie clip ( led to Kareena Kapoor who is an endorser), US Open ( associated as a sponsor ) , Kevin Pietersen photograph ( endorser ), Compaq logo ( association ) - CITIZEN WATCHES
Connect - Deepika Padukone movie Love Aaj Kal song ( endorser ), Visual of a Mother of Pearl watch, NASCAR logo ( sponsor connection ) , Michael Owen ( endorser ) - TISSOT
Connect - Dainik Bhaskar logo ( endorser ) , R logo ( Riddhi sports – the company which manages him ), MECON logo ( MSD’s father works there and even he received an offer from MECON ) , Pepsi ad featuring Dhoni – MS DHONI
Connect - Chris Gardner visual (worked at Dean Witter which later merged with Morgan Stanley), some NASDAQ visual featuring Google ( assisted Google IPO ), Freddie Mac and Fannie Mac logos ( was advisor to US government on potential rescue strategies for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ) – MORGAN STANLEY

Round 5– Excellences in Detail

1. Cracked on the first clue
1st Clue
– Which company’s first major product was the yubiwa pipe, a finger ring that would hold a cigarette, allowing the wearer to smoke the cigarette down to its nub while also leaving the wearer's hands free ?
Answer - CASIO
Cracked on the second clue
1st Clue - They changed their punchline to “Life Well Shared” in January 2008.
2nd Clue - With a net paid sales of 17 million copies, this is the largest circulated magazine in the world.
Cracked on the first clue
1st Clue
– Which company’s had the original patent for it’s logo “The Burping Seal” which took on the market by storm ?

TATA Crucible 2010 Complete Delhi Prelims with Visuals

Dear all,

Hitting my blog after ages .. saw many guys post the Delhi prelims - incomplete or wrong sequence or sans visuals. This is my humble contribution to those who want the clear / complete / correct picture.




1. Which was the only private limited company during World War II to supply fighter aircrafts to the German Airforce Luftwaffe? Answer - MESSERSCHMITT

2. What in the world of finance is said to have been conceptualized by Roman emperor Diocletian. Hint - Today Governments / corporate and households do this? AnswerBUDGET

3. Business is going to change more in the next 10 yrs more than it has changed in the last 50 yrs. Name the book of these are the opening lines written by a famous tycoon? Answer – BUSINESS @ SPEED OF THOUGHT BY BILL GATES

Which singer has a clothing line called "House of Dereon"? Answer - BEYONCE KNOWLES

Which organisation get is name from the term "Research and Development"? They invented a telecommunication techinque which formed the basis of modern computer network. Answer - RAND CORPORATION

Which country whose name means 2 seas was the first in the middle east region to strike oil? Answer - BAHRAIN

7. Which word is derived from the French for "One who undertakes". Hint - India needs more of these. Answer - ENTREPRENEUR

Who gifted the island of Skorpios to Jaqueline Kennedy in 1968 as a wedding gift? Answer - ARISTOTLE ONASSIS

9. Which company was the first to sponsor a limited over cricket match in an English County in 1963? Hint – they emphasized on quickness / fastness / less time. Answer - GILLETTE

In 1999 who sold his ready to wear and beauty business to Francois Pinault which included brands like Gucci? Answer - YVES ST.LAURENT (YSL) – WHO EXPIRED IN 2008

Mahashay Chuni Lal started this enterprise in Sialkot (now in Pakistan) on April 13, 1919. After the partition of India, Mahashay Dharam Pal, the son of the founder, shifted to Delhi and opened up his shop at Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh. Which brand ? Answer - MDH ( MAHASHIAN DI HATTI ) MASALE

Opening ceremony of this newspaper company was done by Mahatma Gandhi on 15th Sept 1924. Which one ? Hint – This is a leading brand in New Delhi. Answer - HINDUSTAN TIMES

Name of this place is derived from two hamlets Idla and Padla. This place is associated with one of the largest selling brand in its category. Hint – 0ld and iconic brand in Mumbai. Answer - VILE PARLE ( PARLE IS THE BRAND )

What was arranged for the first time by the agents of two French brothers, Louis and August Lumiere, at the Watson Hotel in Bombay on July 7, 1896? Answer - FIRST SCREENING OF A MOVIE

15. Shyam Lal Gupta, a member of Parliament started this publication company. Name it. Hint – we all have read books of this company. Answer S. CHAND & CO

Which industrialist is the founder of the Flag Foundation of India ? AnswerNAVIN JINDAL

17. What popular restaurant chain and food item is associated with John Montagu? Name either the chain or the food item. Answer - SANDWICH

One day in 1967, John Shepherd-Barron first envisioned a six-digit numeric code, given what he could reliably remember. His wife however preferred four digits as she couldn’t memorize six digits. What originated thus? AnswerTHE UBIQUITOUS ATM PIN

19. “Company of Fools” and “The Smartest Guys in the Room” are books which are linked to a company. Identify this company. Answer - ENRON

20. Which actress of the early 20th century is depicted in the logo of Chicago International film festival ? AnswerTHEDA BARA

Pic of this gentleman shown. Identify the TV channel associated with him.


22. Identify this famous entrepreneur from Delhi ( googly – resembles Anurag Batra of ).


23. Identify the logo? ( Giri commented that this could only be cracked by hard core business quizzers – I agree ! I thought my guess Bossini was right !!)



24. Who was the producer of Milenge Milenge ? ( a misser of a sitter – my quiz partner, a film quiz expert missed it – even a film buff like me flipped over this famous flop )


25. Identify the brand from this print ad ( Tough !!).


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RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 4- Valentine's Special n RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 5- "Ready for TATA Crucible Campuz 2009 ?" BizQuizzes

Dear all,

Namaskar !

Ranjeet here again with RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 4 - Valentine's Special Biz Quiz and also RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 5 - " Ready for TATA Crucible 2009 ? " Biz Quiz

Combined Winners of these two quizzes get Rs 5000, 1st Runners Up Rs 3000 and 2nd Runners Up Rs 1000 cash; Individual winners of each quiz get Rs 2000, 1st Runners Up Rs 1500 and 2nd Runners Up Rs 1000 cash;and not to mention gifts from SPYKAR, RAYBAN, TITAN, NOKIA, SONY courtesy a leading media brand of India and HOWRZZAT, your own upcoming quiz club.

Standard rules; 2 points per question - rest of the rules same as my earlier quizzes - RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 1, 2 & 3 ; apply.

And YES ; the early .... catches the ....

DIL SE.......


Ranjeet Varma, New Delhi

The quizzes follow --

RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 4 - Valentine's Special Biz Quiz

1.) Which company has just launched a ''Love From Above" campaign on the occasion of Valentine's day ?

2.) What is Pre-Gaming ?

3.) With which brand would you associate this sub-brand made "her" debut in US on Valentine's Day 2008 ?

4.) What does this Google doodle signify ?

5.) With which brand can you connect the website "Talkkrazy" ? ( No googling please ! )

6.) Identify these V-Day advertisers.







7.) What is "Rumourtrage"?

8.) Who is a "HENRY" ?

9.) Now for my mandatory doggy question ( really dodgy - Ha! Ha! ) --- In the movie ....DOG Millionaire, what is the name of the call centre in which the hero works as a tea-boy ? ( I deliberately didn't mention the first four letters as I strongly believe we have no right to degrade our less fortunate fellow citizens ! )

10.) Identify this person / bestselling author.

RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 5 - " Ready for TATA Crucible Campus 2009 ? " Biz Quiz

1.) With which brand can you connect the website "Firemeetsdesire" ? ( No googling please ! )

2.) Name the CEO of this company who was very recently in the news and will continue to be too atleast in the new future ! ( No googling please ! )

3.) Identify advertiser.

4.) Connect -

5.) Identify this Tata JV from it's logo.

6.) Musical "master"ed Mascots -- Identify them.

7.) Identify this campaign.

8.) What does this map depict ?

9.) Now once again for my customary K9 question -- Identify the advertiser.

10.) Which brand's ad ? ( In the news these days for not the right reasons ! )


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RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 3 - 2009 Happy New Year Special – ANSWERS and RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 2 – ANSWERS

Please find below the answers of the last two parts of my series alongwith the winner/s mentions ….

RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 3 - 2009 Happy New Year Special – ANSWERS

Hey guys great show once again !! Thanks for your kind patronage.

Congrats winners ... Great work by all of you .... but I really had to assess and re-assess the responses due to very close finishes for all spots – very close gap between the winners made my job very very hard .. hence the delay .. next time aisa hoga then I am gonna jump off the Qutab Minar – can’t take so much of EmotionalAttyachar !

1st Prize of Rs 5000 - joint winners Krish Ganesh & Saket Ranjan

1st Runners Up Prize of Rs 3000 - joint winners Udai Bhan Singh, Chandan
Shahi & Rishabh Banthia

2nd Runners Up Prize of Rs 1000 - joint winners Deepanshu Berry & Aditya Modi

Gift Hamper winners -- Ashish Bhatt, Arun Chatterjee, Pranesh, Mridul Tewari, Manjul Tyagi, Vishal Singh, Alex and S Rajashekhar

Keep up the good show ... The moolah maybe insignificant but the spirit of quizzing is paramount !

Once again HATS OFF 2 you all who responded to this insignificant series !

Mail me your a/c nos / addresses asap.

Check out my blogs by Valentine’s Day to crack RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 4 - Valentine Special Biz Quiz and win a lotta bucks !!


Ranjeet Varma, New Delhi

RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 3 - 2009 Happy New Year Special – ANSWERS

1.) Logos –

a) McGrath Foundation
b) Vedanta Resources
c) Betfair

2.) Whatzzit –

a) Bernard Madoff Disaster Recovery kit/s on auction on eBay

b) This visual /ad can be found on the McGrath foundation’s website asking for donation – more donation , more nurses .. as depicted in the visual. Fundoo idea.

c) The Retail DNA test – Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year 2008

d) Google doodle on the American Presidential elections

3.) B. Ramalinga Raju

4.) Gatorade

5.) Terms –

a) iCrime - The theft of a personal media device, particularly an iPod or iPhone.

b) liquor cycle - A moped or scooter that does not require the rider to have a license, and so can be used by a person who has a suspended license due to a drunk driving conviction.

c) Murketing - A form or marketing where the product or service is not mentioned or shown. [Blend of murky and marketing]

d) Pinkwashing - Used critically of corporate campaigns and practices in which the sponsoring companies position themselves as leaders in the struggle to eradicate breast cancer while engaging in practices that may be contributing to rising rates of the disease. [Blend of pink, the color associated with breast cancer research, and whitewashing, "concealing flaws"]

6.) Nivea

7.) Book Covers –

a) Planet Google

b) Tribes

c) Buyology

d) Outliers

8.) Starbucks

9.) Bayer

10.) Dunkin’ Donuts

11.) The newspaper ‘DIE BURGER’

12.) Nouriel Roubini ( Dr DOOM )

13.) Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures is set of standards that came up in a issue of MAD magazines comic series in which the unit was based on the thickness of the MAD magazine issue. The basis of this revolutionary system, according to Knuth, is that 1 potrzebie is equal to the thickness of the Mad magazine issue #26 or 2.63348517438173216473 mm.

14.) Charles Ponzi

15.) Carlos Slim Helu


RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 2 – ANSWERS

Jay Prakash Chhajer and Rabi Shankar Saha jointly win RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 2 and 1000 bucks.
Great work "Jazzy" Jay and Rabi "QuizDada" – thanx 4 responding. But you had very very tough competition from Ashok Prabhu ( Wipro, Bangalore ) – a cliff hanger of a finish !
Chandan Shahi from New Delhi ( who just missed being on the top of RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 2 by a few hours and Siddharth Mukund Srivastava jointly win Quinkie Anniversary Special posted on bizdom.blogspot. com and 1000 bucks each – questions and answers of the same would be uploaded on my blogs soon !)

Took into account correct answers & explanations & the early bird / time factor while deciding on the winner ---- please spare me so many cliffhangers or I will jump off a cliff !
Notable mentions – Manjul, Kumar Vaibhav, Jayant Gupta, P. Rajesh, Miraj Vora, Anubhav, Tanuka Chatterjee, Ashish Jain etc.

PS* - Keep up the good show ... the moolah is insignificant but the spirit of quizzing is paramount!

Mail me your a/c nos / addresses asap.

Check out this blog to crack RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 3 and win Rs 5000/- , 3000/- , 1000/- bucks !!


Ranjeet Varma, New Delhi

RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 2 – ANSWERS

1.) Taco Bell

2.) The scarf she was wearing resembled a Arabic Kaffiyeh scarf, perceived in the West to be worn by Islamic hardliners / fundamentalists or simply put – terrorists / jehadis.

3.) Leap Year ( 2008 was a leap year and hats off to Google for this “leapy” idea – Croak Croak !)

4.) Lalit Modi ( IPL ka Big Boss ! )

5.) Global Warming

6.) Save the Tiger - the national animal of India ( the reference to Kangaroos And Kiwis - the national animals of Oz and NZ respectively was brilliant ! )

7.) Google ( This was an intended Googly / Doosra ). Foxed you 0r not ?

8.) Lego

9.) Hershey’s

10.) Vijay Mallya

11.) Heinz

12.) Absolut Vodka

13.) Wal-Mart

14.) Ceat

15.) Glaxo ( the Ribena controversy in New Zealand – thanx to the smart schoolgirls)

16.) Penguin Books

17.) Fedex ( Fedex carrier carrying the UPS carriers - Brilliant ! )

18.) Because "Yahoo" had already been trademarked for barbecue sauce (and knives (by EBSCO Industries). Therefore, in order to get the trademark, founders Jerry Yang and David Filo added the exclamation mark to the name.

In January 1994, Jerry Yang and David Filo were Electrical Engineering graduate students at Stanford University. They started a list of web pages in a campus trailer in February 1994, as a way to keep track of their personal interests on the Internet. The lists were published as a web site named "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web", and grew large enough to require categories and subcategories organized in a hierarchy. In April 1994, "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" was renamed "Yahoo". Filo and Yang said they selected the name because they liked the word's general definition, which comes from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift: "rude, unsophisticated, uncouth." Its URL was

19.) The technique used to get the phone bills ( which was admitted by HP in 2006 to be committed by its non-executive chairman, Patricia Dunn - subsequently shown the door owing to this scandal ) which usually means pretending to be the person whose records you're after to get a copy of those records but however it's done it definitely means lying about who you are to get those records. There's a federal law against pretexting to get financial records, but other than that it appears it's a legal gray area.

In a series of whipsaw revelations over a few days in September 2006 - on which more ink was spent than Enron got - it had come to light that HP's non-executive chairman Patricia Dunn, who was then supposedly one of the most powerful women in America and was instrumental in removing HP CEO Carly Fiorina, set in train a search for a boardroom leak that involved getting the home and cell phone records of the HP board, nine journalists and two unidentified HP employees to see who was leaking to the press.

20.) A computer device with an embedded Trojan Horse left in a conspicuous location.

21.) Herbalife

22.) Pedigree ( renowned K9 food products brand )

23.) Percept Limited

24.) Hertz Car Rental ( Great Idea to warn against drunken driving )

25.) Amnesty International

26.) Landmine Detection Plants courtesy a Danish company Aresa Biodetection which in 2004 announced that it had produced an unusual new variant of thale-cress, a small flowering weed: a strain that turns red in the presence of land mines. Aresa scientists had genetically modified the weed so that it reacts to nitrogen dioxide, a gas commonly emitted by explosives. A result is a new way to detect mines: sprinkle the seeds over a suspect area, wait a few weeks for the thale-cress to grow and -- presto -- wherever they turn red, you have danger.

27.) Explain the terms –

a) Phantom Load - Standby power or leaking electricity refers to electricity consumed by devices while they are switched off

b) Tuxeda - A tuxedo designed for a woman

c) Burqini - A type of swimsuit for women designed by Lebanese Australian Aheda Zanetti. Burqa and bikini - combinedly called burqini;.

d) Scuppie - Socially Conscious Upward Mobile Person.

e) Entertoyment - The massive marketing and product tie-ins that accompany blockbuster movies such as Batman and Toy Story.

28.) Countries with McDonald's stores ( till the date of the framing of the question – Source : Wikipedia )

29.) All fictitious companies used in / associated with famous comics and their leading characters.

30.) Firsts / superlatives ( obviously Biz Connected ! ) –

a) Reg Varney, British actor becoming the first user of the world's first ATM ( naturally ) in 1967, located at a branch of Barclays Bank, Enfield

b) Believe it or not – the first Anti McDonald’s Campaign in India at a retail outlet

c) Anousheh Ansari – world’s first female private space explorer – founder and chairman of Prodea Systems

d) World’s first Cinemascope movie release – The Robe ( 1953 )

e) World’s first million dollar laptop made by Luvaglio

f) I am not disclosing the answer to this question as nobody answered rightly to this one … Try again and win a special prize !


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RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 3 - 2009 Happy New Year Special

Dear all,

Namaskar !

Ranjeet back once again with RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 3 - 2009 Happy New Year Special .

Winner get Rs 5000, 1st Runners Up Rs 3000 and 2nd Runners Up Rs 1000 cash and not to mention gifts from SPYKAR, RAYBAN, TITAN, NOKIA, SONY courtesy a leading media brand of India and HOWRZZAT, your own upcoming quiz club.

Standard rules; 2 points per question - equally subdivided into sub-parts ( a, b , c, d ) if any for a respective question - rest of the rules same as my earlier quizzes - RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 1 & 2 ; apply.

And YES ; the early .... catches the ....


Ranjeet Varma, New Delhi

The quiz follows --

RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer series 3 - 2009 Happy New Year Special

1.) Identify the logos -





Whatzzit ?? ( Comment or Link to Brand / Company /Organisation / Institution / Event / Biz Trivia )

*PS - This is a *STAR* Que ... with stellar scores - 5 pts instead of the regular 2 pts for the rest of the 19 Que's - 1 1/2 points per sub que - a, b, c and d !





Connect ( I want a personality’s name ).

"What's G" , "G," "whatsg1965" - a recent campaign associated with which brand ? ( No googling please )

Explain the terms -

a) iCrime
b) liquor cycle
c) murketing
d) pinkwashing

Which brand invited its consumers to 'Kiss and Be Kissed' on 31st December 2008 ?

Identify the blacked out word on the cover shots of these recent biz bestsellers respectively -





Identify the advertiser.

And now for my compulsory K9 question --- Which company is credited with the manufactured the Scooby-Doo multivitamins for kids ? ( No googling please )

"You Kin' Do It" - Name the brand behind this 100 million dollar ad campaign. ( No googling please )

Identify the advertiser.

Whozzat ?? ( Hint - "Doctor _ _ _ _" )

What's the "Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures" ? ( No googling please )

Identify this "gentle"man.

Which tycoon's father, Julián established a dry goods store called La Estrella del Oriente (Star of the Orient) in 1911 ? ( No googling please )

All the Best everyone and Happy New Year once again.....

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RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 2

Dear all,

Namaskar !

Ranjeet back once again with RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 2.

The winner gets 1000 bucks …. Standard rules; the same as my first quiz - RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 1; apply.

DIL SE.......
Ranjeet Varma, New Delhi

The quiz follows --

RVs Viktoriin Serial Kwizzer 2


This Spanish speaking late 90’s brand mascot of a famous brand is demanding the brand …“ Yo Quiero ________ ” ( brand name erased – obviously ! ).
By the way “ Yo Quiero ” means “ I want ”.

Needless to say, identify the brand.

PS* - this mascot’s popularity was often cited as one of the causes of an upsurge in popularity of the breed ! ( similar to our own Hutch – Oops ! – Vodafone Pug breed ). It is also said the brand stopped using the mascot in it’s commercials as it had died … of course the brand spokesperson/s denied it.

2.) Why did Dunkin' Donuts very recently withdraw the following online ad starring celeb chef Rachael Ray?

3.) This google doodle was presented in February 2008. What does it signify?

4.) This personality ( in the news these days ) was charged and pleaded guilty to drug possession, assault and kidnapping case in 1985 while he was a student in Duke University, USA. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison and came back to India after being released on probation.
Hint : He also sits on the board of Godfrey Philips, one of India's more successful tobacco companies.

5.) Identify the reason/ cause.

6.) Whats the theme / cause of this wonderful piece of creativity?

7.) Connect ( I want a company / brand name ).

8.) Connect ( I want a company /brand name ).

9.) In 1912, the _____________ couple were to travel on the ill-fated British luxury liner RMS Titanic. However, they canceled their reservations because Mrs. ____________ was ill at the time. Instead, they booked a passage to New York City on the German luxury liner Amerika. The ____________ Museum displays a copy of the check Mr. ______________ wrote to the White Star Line as a deposit for a first class stateroom on the Titanic.
The blanks stand for a famous business family / brand. Name it. ( No googling please )

10.) Connect ( I want a personality’s name ).

11.) Connect ( I want a company/brand name ).

12.) Identify the advertiser.

13.) Connect ( I want a company/brand name ).

14.) Connect ( I want a company / brand name ).

15.) Connect ( I want a company/brand name ).

16.) Connect ( I want a company/brand name ).

17.) Identify the advertiser ( It’s a very interesting ad … Comment ).

18.) Why did the Yahoo! founders add the exclamation mark to it’s name?

19.) The term ‘Pretexting’ was embroiled in a major controversy in 2006. Explain.

20.) What is a “ Road Apple “?

21.) Who is the shirt sponsor of Los Angeles Galaxy, the team that David Beckham plays for?

22.) The Kelly Awards, presented by the Magazine Publishers of America, recognize creative excellence and effectiveness in magazine ad campaigns. Which brand’s campaign won the the $100,000 grand prize in the 27th-annual Kelly Awards recently, taking the top honor?

23.) Connect ( I want a company/brand name ).

24.) Identify advertiser.

25.) Identify advertiser.

26.) Comment.

27.) Explain the terms –

a) Phantom Load
b) Tuxeda
c) Burqini
d) Scuppie
e) Entertoyment

28.) What does this picture signify?

29.) Connect and Comment !

PS* - The text on the bottom pic on the extreme right ( the smoke & boiler / chimneys one ) of this connect reads Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

These are some firsts / superlatives ( obviously Biz Connected ! ) …. What?